Friday, April 12, 2013

Life Change - Moving to Penticton

Meredith and I first visited Penticton in 2001 for Ironman Canada. Below is the start line in 2012 showing the Peach City from north to south.

This photo is from our 10th visit to the Peach City in October 2010 for the wine festival

We fell in love with this place 12 years ago. Hard to imagine why?

Meredith and I feel at home here

I am a very, very blessed individual to have such a great family that are willing to take a leap.

Come end of May I am very blessed to also have a fabulous employer in TD Bank to provide my family an incredible career opportunity to join their South Okanagan TDCT Branch Management team. The timing is perfect. The opportunity is perfect. We are so excited.

I have been saying to Meredith a lot these past few weeks. Live your dream. The I read a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. "Do in your heart what you feel to be right for you will be criticized anyway" I insert that to part A and part B of my coaching motto: VISUALIZE. BELIEVE. EXECUTE.

And here we are. Part C: EXECUTE. Not one emotion of concern or caution. We are executing our dream to live where we want, take a career position I have always wanted, and live our dream.

I could not be happier with what our future holds. I am blessed personally and professionally and incredibly excited.

Of course, this does mean I will probably find myself here again, at the finish line by the bandshell in Giro Park.

Season goals clearly change. My big race this year is to become deeply engaged to my work and the community and call Penticton home. The rest is dessert.

Thanks for reading. Come and visit!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Do the work: 2013 is on!

Friends and family:

I wrote this excert below in my last post in November 2012 as I was a week away from sport hernia surgery:
I dream of what may be around the corner. I want to shock myself. I really want this to work and go for it.  If it does not. That is life. These aging lines on my face are not that of age; they are smile lines. I have had a good run. Sorry, a good swim, bike, run!!! But I know I have more lines to give and more lessons to teach myself in the depth that is the Ironman test.
I assure friends and family, my smile lines are deeper than ever!!

I did a very large test recently by venturing to Tucson Arizona for a 9 day triathlon camp with the Barrie Shepley Personal Best and C3 triathlon club. Over the camp I logged 500KM of cycilng including two trips up the famed Mt. Lemmon; 9KM of swimming; and 50KM or running. My total hours logged were 40. An epic punch of fitness.  Not once did I have pain. I have recovered from surgery. The results are very positive. No pain. No back pain. All systems GO!

I will provide a very detailed review of Barrie's camp in my next post as their well organized, friendly and fun camps certainly deliver a person do the far depths of DO THE WORK training!

For now, I will leave my friends and family with my three 2013 goals:
  1. National Olympic Distance Triathlon Championships - Toronto Ontario July 21st
  2. Ironman Mount Tremblant - Mount Tremblant Quebec August 18th
  3. ScotiaBank Waterfront Marathon - October 20th
 I'm back. I'm healthy. I'm hungry.
your friend in sport, RS